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We are MORESIMP, the key partner of Atlassian in Hungary!

We are Atlassian gurus! We believe that Atlassian’s agile project management and collaboration tools truly unleash your team’s potential. Contact us, if you need help with Jira or Confluence or if you want a custom add-on to your Atlassian products!


Unleash Your Team’s Potential!

JExcel PRO

JExcel PRO

More power in Jira! Our best-selling plugin combines the most favoured features of Jira and Excel. Manage your issues in an Excel-like view, collaborate, comment, create calculated columns, import or export with ease!

Home Office Promo

Home Office Promo

Teamwork has never been more important than nowadays! Get your free tools for collaborative task managament or software development, and 30-70% off consulting, training and support!

Atlassian Migration

Atlassian Migration

Atlassian will end sale and support of on-premise server products shortly in ordet to focus on Cloud and Data Center platforms. Are you ready to move? Our certified experts will guide you through the journey!


What Our Partners Say

(JExcel PRO is ) An amazing plugin, tons of features! Really worth it.- Daniel Ben Eliyahu
You are a competent team with quick responses to our questions.- Thomas Seehack
So far we have used Excel for everything, and I was very happy to find an add-on that I can use without knowing much about coding. Thanks for creating this add-on!- Andreas Teubler
JExcel Pro is a really nice tool for landing non-IT people into Jira.- Katerina Kolina, StiltSoft
(JExcel PRO is an) EXCELLENT Plugin. The best I've tried. Thank you!- Claudio Casiello